From the recording There Are Angels

The song “There Are Angels” came to me in a dream while I was recovering from surgery in March 2008. A year after I'd written the words down, I decided to get the music in writing before I forgot it. A week later I was asked to sing at the memorial service of a dear friend who had passed away. I quickly asked my music director/arranger, Frank Owens, to write a piano arrangement so that I could sing the song in Colorado. When I returned from Aspen I asked Frank to write arrangements for a full string orchestra, rhythm section, plus french horn, etc because I wanted to record the song.
The glitch was that I was having hiatal hernia plus fundiplication surgery in 6 weeks so we had to move fast. I did the vocal track the day before the surgery (Sept 2009.) Thank God it went well because I was not going to be allowed to sing again for another 4 months. My goal was to get the CD out before Christmas that year, and we did it. 
Quite interestingly...while I was getting all of this done, I kept seeing angels in my peripheral vision, out of the corner of my eye, somewhere in a a tree...all over...the strangest thing. I don't usually "see" things like that. I'd think I saw one then take a second look, and there would be no one there. Of course, I just assumed my brain was playing tricks on me, or that I was over-tired, or any number of explanations, but...this kept happening for about 2 months. The day the final CD Master was just stopped. I have not seen them since. I believe they are still here but they no longer need to coax me along. I think they are happy now. So am I.


I’ve got Angels watching over me.
Yes, there are Angels more than the eyes can see.
I’ve always known within my heart that I was not alone,
Even though sometimes it felt that I was.....then I was shown,
that there are Angels watching over me.
Yes, I’ve got Angels so don’t worry about me.
There‘ve been times that I was down, lower than I’ve ever been.
But they whispered in my ear and I got up, got up again.
Cause there are Angels watching over me.
Yes I’ve got Angels, they’re here for you and me.
We are all a part of One, and that’s why we are here.
So don’t let the darkness win when you feel the chill of fear.
You may not hear’em with your ears,may not see’em with your eyes.
But they’re here to touch your heart with the truth, not with lies.
We're connected to each other, we each play a vital part.
Open your mind to the Angels, open the door to your heart.
Cause there are Angels watching over you.
Yes, you’ve got Angels deep inside you know it’s true.
Just believe and you will see that there are Angels everywhere.
They are here to heal our hearts, yes, they hear our every prayer.
For there are Angels in every corner of this world.
There are Angels every time a leaf’s unfurled.
They’re in the music in your mind and the voice within your heart.
You can hear them in a song, or see them in a work of art.
Yes, there are Angels.....yes, there are Angels,
and they’re watching over you... and me.