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You never cease to amaze me. Beautiful music, art that sparks the heart, and this wonderful book. However you thought it, I am so thrilled for you. I have been interested in all kinds of inspirational books etc. you just make me want to be better. Well, you know I love you as I always have. I know you a busy , but now I will try to be more attentive. Love, Lynn
So very impressed with your web site, music, movies etc. Wishing you all the best in the future.
my daughter joann just love's anything about angles.
You have a wonderful website. Please read mine. http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
Hi Cheryl..! Like your website. It looks pretty cool. I hope everything goes well for you. Me? I'm just screenwriter, starting out. Currently working on a few scripts, which I hope to complete before the year is out. Who knows? If it gets optioned, you could be part of it. I'm just finishing a road movie. In the meantime, good luck with your acting career. WAYNE!
Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the lovely CD and card. Best wishes to you and Richie for a happy and healthy New Year. Love, Flora
Great cd. I wish you luck as you deserve it. Thanks for the cd, Your mother will be proud. cousin Howard
Cheryl I just listened to your wonderful single, There are Angels. It was great. Florence
Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
Love your presentation here.
Nice site! Good Luck!
Hi Just saying hello.Hope all is ok ? never heard back from you. Bill
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Hi their I forgot To ask you what do you think of your old house.And I think it`s funny you have the horses and I don`t Bill
Hi Their Thank you for bringing my Mother The Flowers.that was Very Nice of you Thanks again Bill
Hi Cheryl. I saw you on classmates.com. Are you the TW3 girl from Pidgeon Hill Elementary School :) I'd love to hear from you.
Hi John. If you click on the contact button above, email me at that address with your email address so I can explain about the site, or put your email address on my email list - click on the "Join the email list" in the upper right hand corner.
LOVE your CD - listen to it all the time - what a beautiful voice! Looking forward to seeing you and Judy on 10/19! Be well P.S. The web site is fantastic!!
Hi Cheryl, Love the website. It looks great! Cant wait to hear you sing again. We all love you and wish you the best. :) ~Carol
Can't wait to hear you sing again. It was wonderful.........Julie
god bless you a beautiful site i like it good luck......when do we get to sing together.....i hope soon i'm getting old Ha Ha
One word to describe your performance last night at Russo's and that is Wow! Bravo, you are a Fantastic songstress and lovely compasionate person.
Hi guys you have intersting site A loy of thanks.
Darn! I thought Bagels and Luck will be my discovery of Cheryl! Such a resume...beyond belief...and wonderful! Hello Bea...see y' on Tuesday! Mark
Dear Mrs Metrick, finaly I'm in NYC and I would like to meet you in one of your shows.Always I have a very special memories about your person. If will not be possible, I hope see you again on the Amalfitan Coast in Italy. I think you know ecxatly where... Enjoy your life. m
I really enjoyed venturing through your web-site. We all adore Cheryl and wish her an aboundance of peace/joy/happiness and success. As she certainly has given so much to all that have been blessed to know her. Love, Mary Ann
Love the CD - waiting for Fantasy & Romance II
My god you are fabuloso! you've been where we all dream of. in short I worked on the PAF Play House with Mr+Mrs Marantz and helped organize participation of freinds from the Rockville center back in 67
HI Cheryl, Im just visiting your website for first time and its so interesting to see all the things you have done. I wish you the best and want to come to any future shows.
I really love your voice, bye the way I know your husband richard, please tell him that shannon says hello and hopes too talk too him soon. you really have a great voice take care, shannon.
Cheryl, It was an honor to have you as a guest here at the Disneyland Resort. You and your family are such a happy group, i enjoyed every day we spent together and i hope you come to visit us soon. Take care and say hi to the family for me. -andy
Hi Cheryl, So nice to meet you last night. Thanks so much for your hospitality. We had a wonderful time. Thanks, too, for your great CD. I've been listening to it all day. Best, Jill
Your web site is amazing. You are extremely talented as well as beautiful inside and out. I am so blessed to have you in my life. xoxoxo
You are a Beautiful Spirit. Your voice is Fanastic, I love listening to your CD. Your web site is Fabilous. When are you comming West!! I will be watching. Don't stop!!!
Great looking web site. Enjoy Austria! Barbara
I always brag about my brilliant nephew Richie, and now I can also brag about my talented and popular niece Cheryl.
I am thrilled to see that there are no pictures of Richie on the website!
Hi Cheryl, This is Angela from your old Hazeltine days! I believe I may have seen you in Huntington about 4 years ago when I was working for my dad's fruit store which has since closed. I spoke with Lorraine Spina last night who tells me she has seen you a couple times. I love your website and see you are doing very well with your career. I vividly remember when you sang "My man I love him so" at your wedding to Richie. I hope to catch one of your engagements soon. Best Regards, Angela
Please let me know where/when your rescheduled to perform. Looking forward to seeing you!
don't give up...you are a fabulous singer...just keep plugging away!
Hi Cheryl Sorry about your gig and hope it is rescheduled soon. Edith and I are very busy running between new grandsons popping out. Amy's Ian Caleb Oleinick is a very hungry 6 weeks old and Susie's 2nd son was due today, will be delivered in C Section next Friday. Jan's first is due in July. Love Edie and Stu
Hi Cheryl - your e-mails are classy and professional. this time of the year brings back many warm memories. enjoy your family - keep them close. much love - Jules
So much light surrounds you!! When will you be lifting the spirit of LA? Love, Craig
My Dear Sister, your web site is beautiful as you are also. I will be good to hear you sing again and see you do what you enjoy so much. From your twin Spirit
I remembered. Your site looks very nice. Jim
Hi Cheryl, your website is very nice. See you.
I love your website!!!! It's really well done. :-) :-) :-)
looks great! Susan
Cherly, great website. There are no quitters here!
Great website, Cheryl. Keep up the good work.
Cheryl, We are all so proud of you!Too bad Ma and Aunt Hope (your Mother)aren't here to see you! They would be just bursting with pride. You are following in Ma's footsteps!Hope to see you soon! Love, Gail
Nice website - professionally done with flair. Could use some background music maybe? Like a song from you. But then again, much of what you do is top shelf-y-ish.
So it seems fitting that shortly after email discussions on the Monfortino, I leave a comment on your wonderful new site! Glad to hear of it and it looks lovely and look forward to continued visits, both here and non-virtually! love, Eileen (and Tom!)
thanks for the news on the website and on your continued journey to create beauty in and around yourself! Love, Jill, Barbara and Aaron
Cheryl, Good to hear from you. Will check in to see what is going on. Say hello to Richie.
Ooops!- got my email in the comments!..this is what I should have sent: GREAT LOOKING WEB SITE- Soooo PROFESSIONAL....X
Cheryl, I am impressed, as always!! Best of Luck in everything you do! Ginger
Cheryl, Classy site.. just like you! All the best, Lisa
Cheryl...The very best to you as always...Great Site..very professional.... See You Soon Tom
Cheryl, This is a great site. I will not get the radio signal out here...but I'm sure you gave 'em heck. Hope all is well. Tom
Cheryl, Website is looking good and so are you. Keep up the goo d work. Love ya, Danny
Great website, Cheryl!!! Hugs & Kisses to you! Your lifelong friend, Jackie
Hey... Just wanted to say hello!! I wish you much luck and look forward to seein you soon.. XOXOX
you look very beautiful in the picture,Also good luck with the radio program and maybe one day we can get to sing together that would be very nice. best wishes and god bless love and kisses your cugini charlie
Congratulations! The website is lovely. Bob and I wish you the very best. XXSylvia
I am so proud of you. And just think - you did this website without any help from me!!! Love you.
We are so proud of you. You have accomplished so many things - never stop. lynn
Hi! Cool website!! Never give up!! xo Alexis
What a Wonderful Talent and a Dynamo of a Human Being!
Way to go!!!!!!!
Hi Cheryl Artful website - best of luck with it and have loads of fun! Edie and Stu
Hi, Cheryl, Very impressive; you've proven what determination & hard work can do...& you've done it! All best wishes for your continued success, Ann
Cheryl, Beautiful - I meant you and the website. Best of luck!
Cheryl, Your website is looking good, as yourself your classic, and special. Love your friend Billy xo
HI Sheryl - just caught your new web page. as they say in Greek -HOO HAH Page is great.
The entertainment business is very difficult but somehow you manage to do it all - family, friends, acting, etc. You are truly a wonderful actress and I'm proud to call you my forever friend.
Your so amazing! Look how you fulfilled your dreams of so many years ago when we were naive teenagers trying to find our way, and you DiD!!!!!
I see you are important to many other people besides me..I love you more than life..Your Sister,Terry